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Q: How can EDC Token be obtained?

A: You must get EDC Token through your participation in study. The education chain has agreed with all participating alliance training institutions that the EDC is issued in accordance with the daily credit principle and follows the rules for the students to obtain one credit for each day's teaching; for example, 0.5 EDC day credits can be obtained for half day teaching and training.

Q: What’s useful of EDC?

A: The EDC token, Education credits is a rewarding to learners, besides, it play the role of recording the learners learning history. This token can be transferred from one account to another and on affect to the learning history recording. Most of EDC jointed institutions accept EDC token as coupon.

Q: How to sign in?

A: 您可以首先关注教育链的微信公众号(ID: EDChain),通过微信+手机号码进行注册。由于教育链的作用是对您参加的教学及培训经历进行记录,区块链技术的特性就是记录在网络区块中形成后将不可更改,所以希望您认真且真实地填写个人信息

Q: How to do with wrong registration information?

A: Please use the true and correct information when you register. In order to ensure the fairness and seriousness of the EDC education chain system, important personal data such as name and gender are not allowed to be modified after registration. If you do write the wrong thing carelessly, please send an email to for application.

Q: What the transcript looks like?

A: Anyone who has participated in more than one training course in the EDC chain does affiliate will be able to obtain their own EDC credit and token.


Q: How dose the block chain recording work?

A: EDC uses the Ethereum platform. Each training institution has a dedicated Ethereum address, and each student also has a unique Token receiving address. Teaching and training institutions will distribute EDCs to the educational blockchain addresses registered by trainees in the education chain. The relevant information will be recorded on the digital blocks of the entire network and can be read permanently through an open source scanning program.

Q: How to get EDC?

A: After finishing the training in institutions, trainees can login with, or through mobile EDC App, search for and select the institutions you are participating in, and click on “Apply for EDC”. Then, the institution will review and approve your application. Generally within the same day or days, your credits will be recorded. The other way to get EDC is to take the online studying courses, which we call it EDC study City, through EDC App or WeChat (WeiXin) App.

Q: How do I know an institution is qualify to offer EDC?

A: You can use the search button on the home page of the EDC website to check whether the institution you are currently involved in the EDC chain list. If you can not find it, you can email the institution is name, address, and contact number to and the eEDC chain will contact with them. You can also recommend the institutions to take the initiative to contact EDC chain and create the cooperation.

Q: What kind of teaching and training institutions can join? Do you need to pay for the joining fee?

A: Any regular and serious teaching and training institutions are welcome to join. The aim of the education chain is to be objective for the individual's lifelong education. We welcome all kinds of school curricula, vocational training, extracurricular training, post education, management training, and online educational institutions to join in the education chain. Click to join: the training organization to join the table >>

  • 联系学分银行 Contact with EDC

  • 800 - 988 - 0125
  • 联系学分银行 Contact with EDC

  • 800 - 988 - 0125
  • 服务条款团队介绍机构加盟



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